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Who are we

We are a Computer Engineering Services Company (SSII). For 3 years, we have always been able to meet the technological challenges we have faced. Our team is reliable, courteous and on the cutting edge of new technologies.

In our business, time is money, and we value it a lot. When the usual solutions are not possible, we find the solutions quickly and at a good price!

Our objetive

O ur vision is to rely on the wealth of IT to support companies in their development. This is why we recommend the use of proven and sustainable IT solutions.

Our engagement

P INTO COMPANY is committed to providing a high quality service that respects international norms and standards, with constant innovation, continuous improvement and all this on schedule. Each project is a new challenge and must be taken with great seriousness and special attention.

  • For any quote, a response is guaranteed within 24 hours
  • The flexibility of our working hours facilitates exchanges between you and us
  • You follow the progress of your projects in real time thanks to our project manager and our regular reports
  • Flexible payment method (40% when ordering)

Why us ?

W e are a team of a few men, dedicated and highly professional workers. Pinto company combines expertise, technological mastery and team spirit in the service of a single objective, total customer satisfaction.

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Web hosting - Website creation - Printers management software - Domain name hosting - Application development - Professional e-mail - Web Marketing - SSL certificate sales - Online SMS Marketing



Crypto moneys trading - Financial investments - Money transfers - Exchanges of crypto moneys and trust moneys



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