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Our goals


* Promoting quality education for young people in the age of ICT

* Provide moral, spiritual, civic, intellectual, and economic education to young people and children in difficulty;

* Facilitate the family reintegration of children in difficulty, as well as the socio-economic integration of young people through training;

* To introduce young people to the culture of driving ICTs in order to link up with globalization.

Ambitions and motivations

PINTO COMPANY intends to position itself among the best structures of its branch in Camzroun by having a reputation acquired by:

* The quality of the services offered;

* The quality of the target's supervision;

* The importance given to running a business;

* The involvement of promoters in boosting promotional activities;

* The fight against unemployment;

* The promotion and enhancement of extra professional activities.

It is recognized at the level in Cameroon of other structures with a proven notoriety but however not in the field of the distribution of the net through the cyber café, WiFi access point and other digital services, it is this fact which pushes us to want to be the first leaders in this sector.

PINTO COMPANY therefore offers virtually all product lines to its customers, leaving them no opportunity to go elsewhere. And apart from the products offered, the prices are largely affordable. The quality of the services offered and the quality of customer support need not be demonstrated.

  • Maintenance 60%

  • Infographics 80%

  • TIC 70%

  • Training 90%